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I'm trying to move over from my old account, so my gallery currently has little to show for.

For my older work, please head over to Jackepeg instead

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United States
This is the new account of Jackepeg, I really came to dislike that username and felt that it was time to start with a clean slate. I am not deleting that account, all of my previous work can be found there, but I will not be logging on to that account anymore and will be using this one from now on.

But this is my bio, not dA history, so I should at least write a word or two about my self
Two words

Well, my real name isn't too important, but many people of the web (and a few cute little RL friends) have come to know me as Shana, so feel free to call me that. BberryBberry or even just Berry function as perfectly fine names for me as well. I'm a 15 year old High School student living on the southern coast of New Jersey. I have a great appreciation for anime and video games and that will most likely be reflected in my gallery. That's not to say I don't have other interests, but those are the only artsy interests I have that I can at least do half-well XD

I may not be the best artist, but I try my best and always try to improve. Lately I've been short on time have haven't been very active, but I'm trying to fix that! I'm trying my very best to talk to people more and concentrate more on my art. School has to come first sadly, but I'm always doodling and always willing to say Hi to anyone that comments.

I've been drawing since I could hold a pencil, and I've been using deviantART since 2008.

Thank you for reading that odd little rambling of my strange self and I hope you enjoy my profile :)
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Got power back yesterday but was too busy playing checkers ((I'll explain later)) to do anything I was supposed, so I'll type up a quick journal now. Haven't posted much lately, have I? :( I have a good few drawings I'm working on at the moment, I just can't seem to finish anything :/ I'll go work on some of them when I finish this journal, first I want to say a few words about this week.

It's November 1st, did I do anything for Halloween yesterday? NO. Hurricane Sandy struck New Jersey and blew out power for just about everyone. The day before yesterday, as the storm was calming down, we went for a small drive around the area to see how things were. Where I live wasn't hit very hard. There were some fallen trees and downed wires (and even a missing traffic light! :O) but no real damage. The Bay front area was evacuated and supposedly flooded (couldn't see it because the roads to there were closed off) but my neighborhood didn't get too badly hit. On Monday before the eye of the storm came, we went outside for a bit to see how everyone was doing and I saw a tree a few houses down split in half and fell over. But since this was before the stronger winds hit, I'm assuming that tree was probably about to fall anyways. God those winds... My father and brother went outside Monday to take the dog out, and I stood by the door to keep it shut (the wooden thingie on our door is broken so it swings open if it isn't locked. This isn't because of the storm, it's always been like that :P). I felt the door being pushed open and yelled "KYLE!!" thinking my stupid brother was pushing the door open to annoy me. Nope, it wasn't my brother (who is pretty strong), it was the wind.

The worst of the storm was Monday night/Tuesday morning, afterwards things were much better (actually, the weather recently has been beautiful :O). But the power outage was horrible, I don't live in a time where 24+ hours of no power is ok XD I remember my town's power all flickered on at once yesterday and all around town you could hear people yelling "POWER!" "YAY!" XD My sister was crying she was hungry, and my parents were about to go to drive to Wendy's to get her food since she refused to eat any of the cold food in the house :/ I was in the living room with my brother while Mommy and Ally were outside. I was on the chair playing with my phone (cell phones were absolute life savers, they were our only good sources of information during the storm) when suddenly the lamp turned on and you could hear the slow static of the TV as the box and stereo were starting back up. Daddy ran outside to tell Mommy not to go out, the power's back on. I went outside to see everything. Although we could finally enjoy the electronics of our house, everyone else began to walk outside and see what everyone else was up to. The old lady across the street walked by and she and Daddy joked about the power finally returning. I saw I man standing on his roof a few houses down ((why!? I don't know!!)) yell "POWER!!" and several others around the street said the same ((minus the standing-on-the-roof part :P)). My brother and I were about to have another epic checkers duel ((we go a tad crazy without power)) when everything suddenly turned on. The first thing we did was run to the TVs and computers, our babies were finally back XD

Yesterday was glorious. The stores got power back early on (they didn't ave any the day before, stores were closed for two days) and we went to Lowes for batteries and heat stuff. The news said to expect 7-10 days without power, so people were preparing for the worst. We only left the store with batteries, flashlights, and paint swatches (totally unrelated to the storm, I've been meaning to paint my room for months :P). It seemed like we were gonna have another difficult night (that night daddy cooked pasta on the outdoor grill was terrible), but it ended up being great.

I'm having trouble putting it into words, but yesterday was just super funny. I was yelling at my sister to stop being such a brat when we weren't going to be having power for a few days, and two hours later the power came back on XD

And as you probably noticed, I'm not in school right now :P On Sunday they closed school for Monday and Tuesday, but on Tuesday they closed school for the whole week. The middle school is our town's evacuation center, so that's probably why. What a pain, we were supposed to have testing this week (and I have an art project). The french trip meeting for Tuesday was cancelled, and I think the college information thing tonight was cancelled, but I'm not sure because my district's too stupid to tell us anything >< But now that the power's back, it like a small break or something, so I can finish my homework and get done some other work (finish a drawing maybe!? I hope!)

And finally Halloween:
It was cancelled, obviously. But when was it rescheduled for? MONDAY.
Last week I was thinking "Wow, what's dumber than Halloween on Wednsday?"
I got my answer: Monday
After all the effort put into being Amy Pond for Halloween, I go through this :( I haven't even made any plans yet, this sucks...

Well that was my poorly written journal of the week, I hope everyone has a day better than Monday/Tuesday. I'm off to go finish some drawings for once (I have around 8 incomplete drawings :P Maybe I should just do a WIP dump soon or something)

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