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Got power back yesterday but was too busy playing checkers ((I'll explain later)) to do anything I was supposed, so I'll type up a quick journal now. Haven't posted much lately, have I? :( I have a good few drawings I'm working on at the moment, I just can't seem to finish anything :/ I'll go work on some of them when I finish this journal, first I want to say a few words about this week.

It's November 1st, did I do anything for Halloween yesterday? NO. Hurricane Sandy struck New Jersey and blew out power for just about everyone. The day before yesterday, as the storm was calming down, we went for a small drive around the area to see how things were. Where I live wasn't hit very hard. There were some fallen trees and downed wires (and even a missing traffic light! :O) but no real damage. The Bay front area was evacuated and supposedly flooded (couldn't see it because the roads to there were closed off) but my neighborhood didn't get too badly hit. On Monday before the eye of the storm came, we went outside for a bit to see how everyone was doing and I saw a tree a few houses down split in half and fell over. But since this was before the stronger winds hit, I'm assuming that tree was probably about to fall anyways. God those winds... My father and brother went outside Monday to take the dog out, and I stood by the door to keep it shut (the wooden thingie on our door is broken so it swings open if it isn't locked. This isn't because of the storm, it's always been like that :P). I felt the door being pushed open and yelled "KYLE!!" thinking my stupid brother was pushing the door open to annoy me. Nope, it wasn't my brother (who is pretty strong), it was the wind.

The worst of the storm was Monday night/Tuesday morning, afterwards things were much better (actually, the weather recently has been beautiful :O). But the power outage was horrible, I don't live in a time where 24+ hours of no power is ok XD I remember my town's power all flickered on at once yesterday and all around town you could hear people yelling "POWER!" "YAY!" XD My sister was crying she was hungry, and my parents were about to go to drive to Wendy's to get her food since she refused to eat any of the cold food in the house :/ I was in the living room with my brother while Mommy and Ally were outside. I was on the chair playing with my phone (cell phones were absolute life savers, they were our only good sources of information during the storm) when suddenly the lamp turned on and you could hear the slow static of the TV as the box and stereo were starting back up. Daddy ran outside to tell Mommy not to go out, the power's back on. I went outside to see everything. Although we could finally enjoy the electronics of our house, everyone else began to walk outside and see what everyone else was up to. The old lady across the street walked by and she and Daddy joked about the power finally returning. I saw I man standing on his roof a few houses down ((why!? I don't know!!)) yell "POWER!!" and several others around the street said the same ((minus the standing-on-the-roof part :P)). My brother and I were about to have another epic checkers duel ((we go a tad crazy without power)) when everything suddenly turned on. The first thing we did was run to the TVs and computers, our babies were finally back XD

Yesterday was glorious. The stores got power back early on (they didn't ave any the day before, stores were closed for two days) and we went to Lowes for batteries and heat stuff. The news said to expect 7-10 days without power, so people were preparing for the worst. We only left the store with batteries, flashlights, and paint swatches (totally unrelated to the storm, I've been meaning to paint my room for months :P). It seemed like we were gonna have another difficult night (that night daddy cooked pasta on the outdoor grill was terrible), but it ended up being great.

I'm having trouble putting it into words, but yesterday was just super funny. I was yelling at my sister to stop being such a brat when we weren't going to be having power for a few days, and two hours later the power came back on XD

And as you probably noticed, I'm not in school right now :P On Sunday they closed school for Monday and Tuesday, but on Tuesday they closed school for the whole week. The middle school is our town's evacuation center, so that's probably why. What a pain, we were supposed to have testing this week (and I have an art project). The french trip meeting for Tuesday was cancelled, and I think the college information thing tonight was cancelled, but I'm not sure because my district's too stupid to tell us anything >< But now that the power's back, it like a small break or something, so I can finish my homework and get done some other work (finish a drawing maybe!? I hope!)

And finally Halloween:
It was cancelled, obviously. But when was it rescheduled for? MONDAY.
Last week I was thinking "Wow, what's dumber than Halloween on Wednsday?"
I got my answer: Monday
After all the effort put into being Amy Pond for Halloween, I go through this :( I haven't even made any plans yet, this sucks...

Well that was my poorly written journal of the week, I hope everyone has a day better than Monday/Tuesday. I'm off to go finish some drawings for once (I have around 8 incomplete drawings :P Maybe I should just do a WIP dump soon or something)
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I've been bad lately, I'm down to only checking dA maybe every two weeks ;.; That's bad~ Really bad~ But the day before yesterday was my last day of work, so yay 8D But next week I go back to school, so no yay D8 And on Tuesday I go to a driving school for three hours... uh, yay or no yay?

On a different note, recall the silly OC WIP I uploaded not too long ago? I'll finish the picture but I decided to fully scrap the four characters. I brought a journal and lately I write every stupid idea I come up with. Everything from comic ideas to funny ways to put on my shoes. But I had a brand new comic idea I became proud of, and I've been working at it seriously for about two weeks, which is about 12 days longer than I work on most comic ideas XD My mind is kinda everywhere but so far I'm really liking the idea. Everyone is the same person and they travel or something. Okay I need to clarify things some more but oh well I'm happy to be working on something finally.

My mind is everywhere, I feel like I'm running in place. Tuesday I go to the driving school, Wednesday I go to the doctor's, and Thursday and Friday are the first two days of school.

Let's just stop thinking and answer the tag from Ouran-Nekozawa

- You must post these rules.
- Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create ten new questions for the people you tag to answer.
- You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
- Go to their pages and tell them you have tagged her/him.
- Phrases like "you are tagged if you're reading this" should not be included in the tagging section. You legitimately have to tag 10 people.
- No tag backs.

1. Do you follow my Tumblr?
No, very sorry about that. To be fair, I don't even go on Tumblr that often anyways. And when I do, it's just for an hour clicking the like button. Don't be offended, I barely follow anyone
2. Are you upset that I tagged you?
Nah, I needed something to do
3. Have you seen all the amazing Avengers stuff today (gag reel, deleted scenes, etc.)?
Nope sorry I don't really keep up with tha-
Oh this is over a week old, so that's old posts...
But oh well, today's been a strictly Doctor Who day anyways with season 7 and whatnot.
4. Do you like being my friend?
Yeah, I have to say so. You're a far better person than people I befriended say 6 years ago.
5. Why?
Entertaining, can draw, not a total jerk, will listen to me without having a breakdown or being generally annoying, not self-centered; you're a good friend. Seriously let's go back in time one day to look at the idiots I hung out with in elementary school, it'll make you feel good about yourself. ((I dunno what's with me today, I keep thinking about all the idiots I wasted time with when I was younger. The friend that didn't remember me, the one that stole from me, the one that hit me, the one that teased me, the one that avoided me. Seriously, why was I such a retard child? But eh, makes you appreciate what you have now, right?))
6. Loki, Moriarty and the Master: Who kills who first?
Hm, interesting, I'll probably say a timelord beats a psychopath or whatever Loki is (god? I dunno), so the master is probably first to kill. Actually Loki is a pretty baby, Moriarty is the psycho that would probably do something to annoy the master first. Moriarty doesn't do much, he sends people to kill people for him, so I doubt he'll put up much of a physical fight with anyone (I think he still probably can hold himself in a fight, he just wouldn't enjoy it. Westwood!). Actually yeah, I feel like Loki would generally keep out of harms way, while the master and moriarty are a bit louder in their craziness.
Okay yeah my final answer is: the Master kills Moriarty
7. Can you tell I'm not good at coming up with questions?
No, you're probably better than me.
8. School starts soon. Opinion?
I was happy. Until Ms Wood screwed up the district ><
She's making English a larger part of the curriculum (it's already the largest part of the curriculum), she promoted the middle school doofus to High School Principal, sent the HS Principal (who is a PHD holder) to be an elementary school principal , sent the elementary principal to a special ed position, and just generally ruined the district. She completely ignored our district's problems with Transportation, Discipline, and Failures and insisted on fixing all that was not broken ><
Ugh and the school is being a jerk about my math class.
I don't think this year will turn out that great
9. Thought on band camp? XD
10. How much of your time did I just waste?
Not much, like I said, I needed something to so

My Questions:
1. Are you prepared to answer the following questions?
2. Will you ship Asylum Dalek/Defective Portal Turret? (Please I'm lonely)
3. Banana
4. Have you watched/do you plan to watch Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita?
5. What are your opinions on Pokemon cards?
6. Did you notice that Question 3 isn't a question? (It's just a single word, all alone, suffering in its noun-ness)
7. How does that make you feel?
8. Would you say your thumb tastes more like bubble gum or chicken?
9. Do I concern you?
10. Did you know that I love you? (Because I do)

Anyone mad enough to read what I write may attempt to answer my tag if you wish. I'm not gonna tag anyone specifically, I feel like I'll just annoy people if I do that. But some crazies (like me) genuinely like to answer these, so if you're that kinda of person then go right ahead.
Commissions100 Themes Challenge ListGroups

1am-ish on a Frida- no, Sunday now.
Saturday, not Sunday. (Gosh where's Rebecca Black when you need her? XD)
Drawing a something, not sleeping although this is one of the rare days this summer where I can sleep all I want (I'm kinda stupid today)

I only worked one day this week because we had to go to New York for three days, but other than that I've been working a lot. It seems my work lately consists mostly of putting price tickets on items the warehouse ships out to the store. This has taught me something I didn't expect to learn from a warehouse job:
-Rothko and Pollock suck
-If you look closely, Van Gogh leaves lots of blank spots on the canvas! (The wasteful butt! I could never ;^; )
-Monet doesn't get the attention I thought he would from this museum
-The drowning girl was drawn by Roy Liechtenstein! (I could never remember his name)
-Andy Warhol is a butt and if he were on the internet and had a dA account he would probably get lots of hate
-Christina's World! That's what the picture's called! I thought it was just a stupid writing prompt picture from English class when we were younger :P
-Frida Kahlo is interesting

And several other silly things like that gumwrapper craft you made in camp when you were 7 can be sold for around $50, but I guess I kinda already knew that. I'm working at the Warehouse for MoMA for the summer and was delighted to find that labeling items based on artists' work helps a lot with remembering them. That's great! Never was good at remembering all those works, it's nice to feel smart-ish :) As dumb as some things are (how is that an eraser!? I don't know!!), there's some really cute items at MoMA I actually really like (the History of Art collection is adorable! I want the umbrella!)

But there's only so much time left until I end my job and go back to school (I can't work there and go to school at the same time because it's so far away. I only got the job because my father's been working there for 17 years) :(

Doesn't look like my schedule is too bad this year, hopefully I'll have a better year this year (I don't have to take music this year 8D That's a great sign!)

I'll get back to drawing now, I'm happy I finally updated my journal :) 'Tis been a while, I need to be more active...
Commissions100 Themes Challenge ListGroups

Found this thing here and thought it looked like fun, so I'm gonna give it go. I silently answered it in my head as I was reading and laughed at all my own answers like a dork, so I really like this one XD Plus it's short, short tests are nice :3


Psychoanalyze yourself; Don't read ahead, just answer the following questions with the first thought that comes to mind. Then read which each answer means at the end.

(No cheating!)

1. You are not alone. You are walking in the woods. Who is with you?
((YANA)) Uh, I guess one of my friends or something

2. You are walking in the woods. You see an animal. What kind of animal?
My neighbor

3. What interaction takes place between you and the animal?
It smokes some strange substance and produces nonhuman noises and I call the police on it

4. What is your dream house and how big is it?
Giant and spacious with a thousand pointless rooms and huge areas to just lay on the ground at random times of the day. Everything is up-to-date with a slight historic feel. Lotza rooms. Tons of room to run around. Probably room for a dog or two ((if we ever get more money I want another doggie!! Two evil terriers are better than one 8D)) and definitely has some sort of studio. Quiet house, very quiet, I get upset if there's too much going on.

5. Is your dream house surrounded by a fence?
It has a garden fence guarded by a 15-ft-tall fence guarded by an electric wire fence within a mote of lava with knights protecting the perimeter ((In other words, I hate people XD))

6. You enter the house. You walk into the dining room and see the dining room table...What is on it?
I suppose some kind of center piece surrounded by plates and cloths and stuff?

7. You exit the house and a cup is on the ground, what kind is it?
Stupid little plastic cup

8. What do you do with the cup?
KILL IT. ((I like to step on cups left on the ground))

9. You walk to the edge of the property where you find yourself at what kind of body of water?
Small pond, probably has just plants in it ((all the dumb cats in this neighborhood kill our pond fish D: Why don't people watch their animals? DX )), and probably a mini-fountain in the middle and fake waterfall to the back-side

10. How do you get to the other side?
Ask a chicken for help


1. The person/people who you are walking in the woods with are the most important to you. ((AND WHO IS THAT? D: I CANNOT ANSWER THIS WITHOUT BEING VAGUE D: ))

2. The size of the animal is representative of your perception of the size of your problems in your life. ((Weird, unnatural, and much larger than me. Eh, okay.))

3. The severity of the interaction you have with the animal is representative of how you deal with your problems. ((I CALL THE POLICE ON MY ISSUES FOR BEING LOUD, WHAT. XD))

4. The size of your dream home is representative of the size of your ambition to solve your problems. ((My life is a dream.))

5. A lack of a fence is indicative of an open personality. People are welcome at all times. The presence of a fence indicates a closed personality. You'd prefer people not drop by unannounced. ((AHAHAHAHAHAHA. Ha.))

6. If your answer did NOT include food, flowers, or people, then you are generally unhappy. (( >:[ ))

7. The durability of the material with the cup is made of is representative of the perceived durability of your relationship. ((WHAT RELATIONSHIP? If I was so eager to "kill the cup," this can't be a very healthy relationship...))

8. What you did with the cup is representative of your attitude. ((LOL.))

9. The size of the body of water is representative of the size of your sexual desire. ((lolwhut))

10. The way you cross the water is representative to how easy or hard you expect your life to be. ((WHENEVER YOU REACH DIFFICULTIES IN LIFE, ALWAYS CONSULT A CHICKEN FOR HELP))
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Hello my beautiful watchers, have you had enough spam from me today? Well, obviously not, because I have just one more thing to add to this commissions-business before I head off to bed

First off, I want to apologize for starting in June when I said I'd start in March OTL Obviously I don't know what months are and neither does my father, clearly, since he refused to help me fix this PayPal account up until last night OTL But hey, better late than never :)

Secondly, I just want direct everyone to this one more time to say that I am officially the sims 2 open for business!

And finally, one last useless bit of information...
Just a quick word on why specifically I set up commissions...
Ugh, not to sound whiny or anything but... asdfghjkl; Not good at phrasing things...
I'm saving up for a trip. Currently, I have about $300 towards it. I need around $3500. I think I mentioned this before, but I'll get into better detail now for any weird people that might want to know more:
Every two years, the school has trips to Europe based on the language department; French students go to France, Spanish students go to Spain, and Italian students go to Italy. This is an optional trip, not many people go on it. One of the major reasons why is because most kids can't afford it. To my knowledge, only the French teacher in the school actually fund raises for it because all the other teachers are lazy and don't care about their students and don't like to work for their pay checks, but even with that each student can only hope to make around $100-$200, which I don't think would even cover the costs of the air plane.
I'm not stupid, I know commissions alone won't pay for this trip, but I hope I might be able to make just a teeny-itty bit to help make getting money for the trip easier. I'm quiet, barely have any friends ((NONE of my friends are going on this trip :S Letsee how that works out)), don't join in any extra curricular activities, and just generally don't have the chance to do much of anything. I'm starting French 3 Honors in September and really love the class and would love to travel. I always wanted to see something more interesting than our local county mall, but never had the chance. I'm working my butt off for it, but I really truly want to go on this trip. I already decided to put all money (change, fund raised money, commissions money, holiday/birthday money, pay checks, etc. ) towards the trip and decided not to do any other school events (Junior & Senior Prom, senior trip to Disney World, etc.), so I'm really looking forward to this week in Paris/Normandy.
asdfghjkl; I just really want this and it's a major struggle. I need to have all of the money ready before April 1st, 2013. I'm working in the warehouse this summer as a Warehouse Assistant, and I hope to get another job part-time in September. Work will probably be my biggest source of money for this, but as stated earlier, every cent helps.
Also, this trip might be nice to mention in applications to college. If you're an artist in New Jersey, you need all the help you can get, so that just makes this trip even better in my mind

Thanks for reading my odd little journal, and I hope you like my commissions :) If you ever have some extra money between now and march of 2013, purchase something maybe? Or tell a friend of my adventures in commissions?
Have a nice day :)
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Something wonderful has occurred.

But it's not completely finished :(

Aaaaalmost, though!

Just keep an eye on my journal between now and Friday, I should have everything set by then.

First off, let me just start off the journal saying the my single lonely drawing in there isn't going to be alone forever XD I'm still kinda short on time, but I've been putting a good effort into getting some more drawings done. For multiple reasons, but the only thing that matters is that I have a few active WIPs right now and I'll probably have something to upload within a week, yay!~ <3
Now that I got that out of the way, I have something a bit more important I'd like to ask of you:
How would you feel about me starting commissions? Would you or anyone else you know be willing to buy something from me?

I'm still planning stuff out and setting things up, but at the moment I have:
Head shots: $8 (($6 without color))
Waist + Up: $12 (($10 without color))
Chibis: $6 (($4 without color))

For color, I would either do my usual Paintery-style,  my Watery-style, or my Cell shaded-like style. Also, depending on if anyone would like it or not, I might even give an option of a Hetalia-like style or a Professor-Layton-like style. ((I don't think I'll charge for the different coloring styles, I'll just ask the commissioner what style they want and draw that. Unless someone else would like to put in their two-cents about how that should be done, I think I'll leave it as is))

While looking over everything I put together while setting up commissions, I thought of one more thing I could add to my tiny commissions-shop: Sketch commissions. They'll probably be around $2-5 ((with the usual option of color or no color, in which that telling me I can skip the coloring will save you $2)) if I do them. I'm just wondering if anyone would even be interested in sketches/colored sketches.

So me doing commissions: good thing or bad? Am I wasting my time or are there people out there willing to throw some money my way for a drawing or two?

I'm trying to keep prices reasonable while still being able to make myself some decent pocket change. I probably gave plenty of you an earful about this already ((I'm very sorry for all you wonderful people that deal with me whining 24/7 XD I love you all <3)), but I'll say it once more for anyone else here that may be reading this that doesn't know my life story:
My school (well, specifically, my class and the class a grade above me) does a very expensive trip every two years. If I can gather the $3500 before March 2013, I'll be spending 9 days in France ((mostly in Paris, but two days are spent in Normandy and there's a short stop to Champagne somewhere along that trip)) in the summer of 2013. We started fund raising now, but the fund raising only gets us between $250-$1000 :( Yes, that's better than nothing, but I don't exactly come from a family that can toss $3000 at me like it's nothing. I highly doubt I'll make $3000 on commissions XD Aha, I haven't completely gone that insane yet XD But, if I can at least sell a couple drawings, I'd at least have some pocket change for the trip. At least something for me to pick up a snack when we're walking around for several hours or some cash for me to stop by some shop to pick up something nice for me and my family. French is one of my favorite classes in school and I've very fond of France, so having that chance to spend a week in Paris with one of my favorite teachers and getting out of the country for the first time in my life seems really cool to me. Definitely something to look forward to :) If I can afford it OTL I'm trying! I'm trying! I'm almost 16, I'll be getting a job soon, and I'm doing as much else as I can to raise money.

So in the end:
--Should I go through with my plans for commissions? ((Yes, I know I left out some information. I'll have everything 100% complete for viewing when the time comes. If you're confused by anything, just drop me a comment here and I'll be happy to answer you))
--Any input on how I should handle multiple-character requests? ((I already thought out a bunch of that stuff on my own already, but I would like to hear some second opinions for others to see what everyone else thinks of multi-chara commissions and how they should be done/paid for/etc.))
--Are my prices okay, too high, or too low?
--Anything else I could change or add that would help me?
--Anything in particular you'd like to see of me?
--Something else you would like to add I didn't mention?

Thank you for reading through all of that and thank you to any/everyone who comments :)

So, at this point I think I can comfortably say I moved over to my new account.

Thank you everyone who re-watched me :) I'll try very hard to be more active now. I have some doodles I've been cleaning up, but I have a habit of killing pictures when they're still WIPs, so we'll see where that goes x.x School's being a pain and I have to do state tests soon, so I have to have that fun tear me from my drawings too x.x Also, I've been seriously considering opening up commissions sometime soon, like, probably before the month is over. But that'll be quite a lot of work, so it'll be put off for a bit. But hopefully I can get things up.

So again, thank you everyone who put up with the move :) I'll try to have something uploaded in within a week, and hopefully better activity after state tests
100 Theme Art Challenge!!!
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2. Love >>…
3. Light >>…
4. Dark >>…
5. Seeking Solace {peace} >>…
6. Break Away >>…
7. Heaven >>…
8. Innocence >>…
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11. Memory >>
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18. Rainbow >>
19. Gray >>
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57. Sacrifice >>
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73. I Can't >>
74. Are You Challenging Me? >>
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77. Test >>
78. Drink >>
79. Starvation >>
80. Words >>
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84. Out Cold >>
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86. Seeing Red >>
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88. Pain >>
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92. All That I Have >>
93. Give Up >>
94. Last Hope >>
95. Advertisement >>
96. In the Storm >>
97. Safety First >>
98. Puzzle >>
99. Solitude >>
100. Relaxation >>
Blank journal in case I ever need it

Will write in at some other time
Blank journal in case I ever need it

Will write in at some other time
Blank journal in case I ever need it

Will write in at some other time
This is the form to request a commission; I'm trying to make this as simple as possible. In the brackets are descriptions of what goes in every field, just fill it out as directed and send me a note with your filled out order and we'll work together to get the job done quickly.

The Form
Name: [[Give me the name or nick name or handle you would like to be addressed as. I mainly just need this for personal reference to keep track of which picture belongs to who and such]]
Type of Drawing: [[Head shot, Half-Body, Full Body Chibi, or Pencil Chibi]]**
Coloring Style: [[Watery, Paintery, or Cell-shaded. Leave this blank if you chose Pencil Chibi]]**
Character Information: [[Put in the information for the character(s) you are requesting here. You may use reference pictures, written descriptions, or both. BE DESCRIPTIVE. The more information you provide, the better your picture will look]]**
Other: [[Any extra information you would like to give me, place it here]]
(** These need to be filled out each time you request a new image, I need to know what characters are in which picture and how)

As described HERE, I will send you a Work In Progress lineart and request the money then. Once I receive the money, I'll finish the drawing and send it to you as soon as possible. I will be using PayPal, which will hopefully make things easier for both of us.
To send money to my PayPal account, you do NOT need a PayPal account, but PayPal will hit you with extra fees for using credit cards and such.
Payment is simple, all I need is your email address. Once I get that, I will send you an email requesting money towards my account.
PayPal is very safe, secure, and easy. However, sometimes there are small fees for transactions or currency conversions (but this is somewhat helpful since it means international users may commission me as well) that I request you cover. I believe PayPal's rates are 2.9% + $0.30 for transactions, and if you're not from the US, the currency conversion rate is different depending on where you live.
Don't let this scare you, it's still very affordable. For example, a $15 commission with the 2.9% + $0.30 fee will only cost you $15.74 (It's comparable to a sales tax-- actually, I think that's cheaper than the sales tax for my state XD).
If you need any help with this, I'll be willing to do all I can. I have a great amount of faith in PayPal and I'm very willing to help everyone.

The Queue
A list of all commissions by number can be found HERE
Next to each commission I state if it's on hold, in progress, waiting for payment, finishing, or completed.
A deviation with everything here in one place can be found HERE, but now I will take a moment to describe things in detail.
First off, after you pick what you would like, send me a note with the filled out version of THIS and I'll begin working on the picture. To figure out what you want, just follow the guide below.

Currently, I only draw Head Shots, Half-Body Shots, Full Body Chibis, and Pencil Chibis.

This option features any single character of your choice from around the shoulders and up. The image is 800 x 800
The lineart alone is $6
Color is an added $2
Colors can be either CELL SHADED or WATERY
Backgrounds are an added $1
Other sizes are an added $2

This option will allow you to either have one character with an image size of 600 x 800, or two characters with an image sized 1200 x 800. The characters will be featured from about the waist and up
The Lineart alone is $8 (($11 if there's two characters))
Color is an added $2
Colors can only be in CELL SHADED
Backgrounds are an added $1
Other sizes are an added $2

This option is for a chibi-style picture, it features the entire body and you can have as many characters per image as you want. A single character would be sized 400 x 800, and another 400 to the width per character ((EX: One character is 400 x 800, two are 800 x 800, three are 1200 x 800, five are 2000 x 800, etc. ))
Lineart alone is $4 ((plus $2 per added character))
Color is an added $2
Backgrounds are an added $1
Other sizes are an added $2

Despite the name, these characters are also drawn digitally, but they're in a style a tad different from my other styles, and I personally find them cuter and more simple. Like the FULL BODY CHIBIS, you can have as many of these in one image as you like, with the width increasing per character added.
This style is also the cheapest, being only $3 per single character ((each additional character will cost you an extra $1. EX: one character is $3, two characters are $4, five characters are $7, etc.))
Because of the different style, they have their own colors that look roughly like THIS
I will not have backgrounds or custom sizes available for this style. They are sized at 400 x 700, with an added 400 to the width per additional character.
The options on what you would like to order can be found HERE and HERE, and the order form can be found HERE. In this journal I'll give about all the needed information. If you have any other questions, ask away, I really want to be as clear as I possibly can

What I will draw
:bulletblack: Original Characters ((Characters completely of your own creation))
:bulletblack: Fan Characters ((Your own character based on other characters/series—for example, a Naruto OC))
:bulletblack: Game characters/ Avatars ((your character in a game like an MMO or something similar—think of Grand Fantasia or Maple Story or Animal Crossing  or Sims or any other game, or your character on an avatar website like Gaia Online or Menewsha))
:bulletblack: Other characters ((favorite characters from series like Axis Powers Hetalia or CLANNAD or Professor Layton or any other number of series. Rather I'm a fan of that series or not, I'll be willing to draw just about anything, so don't be shy to ask for anything you want :) ))
:bulletblack: Real Characters ((I'm not very experienced with Realism, but I'll be more than happy to draw characters from Live Action shows/movies in my anime-like style. For example, I would be willing to draw John and Sherlock from "Sherlock" in the chibi style with a watery coloring and fun background. Or if you would like me to draw from a photo of you or a friend, that would work just as well.))

What I will NOT draw
:bulletblack: Anything too graphic (a little blood or kiss isn't too bad, but I would like to keep things PG 13)
:bulletblack: Nudity (basically keeping up with the PG-13 rule)
:bulletblack: Anything hateful or harmful
:bulletblack: Furries

((In short, it has to be PG-13 or lower, not break deviantart's rules, and not be uncomfortable for me to draw))

How to Order
1) Send me a note ((use the "Send a Note" button towards the top of the page here on my deviantART profile))
2) Pick out what you want and fill out the needed information from HERE
3) I will draw the lineart for your request and have you check it over before I color it. If there are any problems, tell me and I will fix it. If everything is okay, I will begin coloring.
4) When I send you the lineart and you say it's okay, pay for it through Pay Pal. I will put the picture on hold until the payment is received.
5) After the payment is received and the picture is done, I will send you the completed picture
6) In the end you will have your drawing and I will have my payment. You are free to do whatever you wish with the drawing and post it anywhere you like, the only exception is you CANNOT re-sell what I drew.

Starting July 1st, I'll be working in the warehouse with my father five days a week, for 8 weeks, 8 hours a day. In September I begin my Junior year of High School and I have summer assignments due for English, French, and Math. However, I will work as hard as I can to do my best in the least amount possible to my best ability. I want to get quality work to everyone as quickly as possible, so I will make sure that you won't have to wait too long for what you pay for. As common sense may tell you, more complicated pieces will take more time, but the general list goes as follows:
HEAD SHOTS: It takes about one or two days to draw, more or less depending on details
HALF-BODY SHOTS: This one takes the longest, could take over three days per character, depending on details
FULL BODY CHIBIS: This one doesn't take too long, depending on the amount of characters, I can finish the drawing in a day
PENCIL CHIBIS: Definitely the easiest ((and in my personal opinion, the most fun and cutest)) to draw, I can usually finish the entire image in a day (maybe two or three if there's more characters)
CELL SHADED STYLE: Although it looks rather simple, it's one of the more frustrating coloring styles and can take up to a week to color. Usually, a full drawing with this style won't take more than a week, but it can be almost two weeks depending on details and how much free time I have.
WATERY STYLE: Pretty basic coloring style of mine, usually takes about two-three days
PAINTERY: Very fun and simple style, looks like the watery style a bit, but isn't as neat. Usually takes a day or two

So in short, I'll try to finish everything in under a week, but it may take more time. If for any reason I feel that it may take two or more weeks, I'll contact you and work things out in a private conversation

If you would like to order more than one image, that is perfectly okay. All you have to do is fill out THE INFORMATION for each image.
There's no limit on how many orders you can buy, get whatever it is that you want :)

What to do with your commission
Congrats on successfully ordering a commission, I hope you enjoyed your order :) Once you pay for it, the image is yours. You're free to do almost anything you want with it. There's just a few simple rules that follows ordering a commission that you should be aware of:
-On DeviantART, you're only allowed to submit images to your gallery that your drew. This is not my rule, this is enforced by deviantART. However, you may submit the commissioned drawing to your Scraps. Just be sure to credit me.
-Do not resell my drawings or claim that you drew them. This includes edits; you cannot edit the drawing and then claim it is yours. Please give proper credit where needed.
-You may do what you want with the drawing as long as I'm credited. For example, if you buy line art and color it, you're free to say you colored it yourself, but you still have to credit me for the drawing.
-Because of deviantART's rules, reposting your commission could be iffy, but you are allowed to post it on other sites. Again, just be sure you credit me if you do so.

Any other comments, questions, or concerns, don't be shy to contact me at any time.
Commissioned List

It's empty right now :( I just started

If you would be so kind, visit THIS for more information on my commissions, and order one if you can. I would be very grateful if you did :)
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